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  Organizations & Facilities - Canadian
  Speed Skating Canada
  french and english
  Calgary's Olympic Speed Skating Oval
  services, events, olympic profiles, public schedules
  Live web cam
  Calgary's Olympic Oval - very fast web cam no time delays
  Calgary Speed Skating Association
  great links page everything from events to manufacturers
  Susan Auch Oval:Winnipeg, Manitoba
  Edmonton Speed Skating Association
  Manitoba Speed Skating Association
  Ice Speed Skating Ovals and Clubs in Canada
  good links page for clubs throughout Canada
  National Sports Centre - Calgary
  English and French

  Organizations & Facilities - International
  International Skating Union
  schedules, links, current standings - great info site!
  United States Ameteur Speed Skating Union
  Ice Speed Skating Homepage
  links, links, and more links...stats, facilities, athletes
  Team Inzell

  Franz Krienbühl speedskates
  Marchese Racing
  all U.S. Olympic speedskating medals in 1998 were won on Marchese skates as well as two-thirds of all short track Olympic medals in Nagano
  cut resistant speed skating equipment
  Bont Skates
  Maple Proformance Speed Skating Tools
  Canadian - for competitors in every speedskating discipline
  nice site!
  dutch language only

  Olympic Sites
  Official Site - Salt Lake 2002
  order tickets here
  Official Torch Relay - Coke
  flash and text version
  Utah Tourism
  official site to the state of Utah - airports, lodging, facilities, etc
  Salt Lake Olympic Gift Shop
  more items than you could imagine
  Winter Olympic Museum
  great multi-media opening ceremonies clips - great site
  Nagano Speed Skating Pictures
  huge gallery - nothing but pics

  Athletes - Canadian
  Summer games profiles
  profiles and photos of all Canadian athletes at the 2000 Sydney summer games from canoe.ca
  Melanie Turgeon
  downhill skiier

  Athletes - International
  Casey FitzRandolph
  US Mens Olympic speed skater
  Bart Veldkamp
  olympic speed skater
  Svetlana Zhurova
  world champion in 1996
  Gunda Niemann
  nice site! big photo gallery
  Ande Sondral
  lots of photos, links, schedules, standings
  Eric Flaim
  interesting photo gallery
  Annamarie Thomas
  dutch language - photo gallery
  Nicole Prefontaine